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Silage Management

It all starts here... View our Silage Management section for some great info.


Dunlop Purofort boots and Gevavi klomps

Tire Shooter

NEW - Tire Shooter for handling sidewall tires with ease

CERES Silage Compaction Roller

Specifically designed for compacting your silage

Sheep and Goat Equipment

Offering an assortment of Sheep and Goat Equipment

Bunker Silo Products

Offering an assortment of products such as Plastic, Meganyl Nets, Sand Bags, and Sidewall Tires

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Vito® Baler Twine

Vito® Baler Twine

- Under the Vito brand we supply twine for use in large square balers for hay and straw.

- Due to the artificial raw material polyprpelyne, the twine has strong pulling strength, consistent quality and excellent durability.


Item Weight Length Colour Strength Knot Strength
1 Bale 9 kg./20 lbs. 1170 m./3838 ft. Salmon 704 lbs. 375 lbs.
1 Package
(2 bales)
18 kg./40 lbs. 2340 m./7676 ft. Salmon 704 lbs. 375 lbs.



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