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Silage Management

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Dunlop Purofort boots and Gevavi klomps

Tire Shooter

NEW - Tire Shooter for handling sidewall tires with ease

CERES Silage Compaction Roller

Specifically designed for compacting your silage

Sheep and Goat Equipment

Offering an assortment of Sheep and Goat Equipment

Bunker Silo Products

Offering an assortment of products such as Plastic, Meganyl Nets, Sand Bags, and Sidewall Tires

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Max Pack Silage Compaction Roller

Max Pack Silage Compaction Roller

The Max Pack silage compaction roller has been specially designed for compacting your silage for better density results. This silage compaction roller is heavily built, with high fins and a side-shift option. The roller is fitted internally with anti-sloshing walls. The roller can be made heavier by filling it with water or attaching special reinforcement weights each weighing 60 kg.

High fins for optimum pressure

side–shift cylinder

robust frame


Model Side Shift Width Empty Weight Filled Weight
MP 250 YES 8 ft 3600 lbs 6750 lbs
MP 300 YES 10 ft 4250 lbs 8250 lbs
MP 350 YES 11.5 ft 4625 lbs 9250 lbs
MP 350 WS NO 11.5 ft 4400 lbs 9025 lbs
MP 400 WS NO 13 ft 4750 lbs 10000 lbs
Extra Weights 56 lbs each




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