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Silage Management

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Dunlop Purofort boots and Gevavi klomps

Tire Shooter

NEW - Tire Shooter for handling sidewall tires with ease

CERES Silage Compaction Roller

Specifically designed for compacting your silage

Sheep and Goat Equipment

Offering an assortment of Sheep and Goat Equipment

Bunker Silo Products

Offering an assortment of products such as Plastic, Meganyl Nets, Sand Bags, and Sidewall Tires

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Silage Clamp

Silage Clamps


The silage clamp holds the sidewall film tight against the walls while filling bunker silos.


- Long life with resilient stainless steel material.
- Suitable for walls with a thickness of 6-10 inches.
- Holds plastic firmly in place against the wall.
- Safer than using sandbags
- Prevents sidewall film from blowing away.
- Hang the sidewall film when it suits you.
- Thin and smooth, making it easier to pull out when the bunker is filled.
- Useful during feedout.

Available in 5, 8, and 10 inch widths for various wall thickness.

Advice: Position the clamps around 7-10 feet apart.


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