Max Pack Silage Compaction Roller


The Max Pack silage compaction roller has been specially designed for compacting your silage for better density results. This silage compaction roller is heavily built, with high fins and a side-shift option. The roller is fitted internally with anti-sloshing walls. The roller can be made heavier by filling it with water or attaching special reinforcement weights each weighing 60 kg.


ModelSide ShiftWidthEmpty WeightFilled Weight
MP 250 SSYes8 ft 3600 lbs6750 lbs
MP 300 SSYes10 ft 4250 lbs 8250 lbs
MP 300No10 ft 4250 lbs 8250 lbs
MP 350 SSYes11.5 ft4625 lbs 9250 lbs
MP 350No11.5 ft4400 lbs 9025 lbs
MP 400No13 ft 4750 lbs 10000 lbs

Extra Weights 56 lbs each