Stretch Wrap

Baler Twine & Net Wrap

The “all-rounder” among wrapping film. MegaStretch is versatile in use and suitable for both square and round bales. This film is produced from Dowlex raw materials and consists of three or five layers.


  • Used for round an square bales
  • Dowlex product
  • Consists of 7 layers

MegaStretch Extreme

  • Contractor packaging (no boxes)
  • More bales per roll
  • Lower costs per bale
  • Less frequent replacement
  • Higher capacity per hour


MegaStretch 75 cm x 1500 m.
30 in. x 4900 ft.
White/Green20 or 40
MegaStretch Extreme75 cm x 1800 m.
30 in. x 5900 ft.
White/Green20 or 40
Number of wrapped bales per 1 roll of MegaStretch
ProductLength in M.Round BaleRound BaleSquare Bale
4 ft.4 ft.3 ft. x 3 ft. x 5 ft.
4 layers6 layers6 layers
75cm / 30 inch
MegaStretch Extreme
75cm / 30 inch