VITO Twine®

Baler Twine & Net Wrap
  • Under the Vito brand we supply twine for use in large square balers for hay and straw.
  • Due to the artificial raw material polyprpelyne, the twine has strong pulling strength, consistent quality and excellent durability.
  • Knot strengths of 440, 550 and 650 lbs.


ItemWeight*LengthColourKnot Strength
VITO-130 18 kg./40 lbs.3700 ft.Salmon440 lbs.
VITO-UNI 22 kg./48 lbs.5050 ft.Cherry440 lbs.
VITO-130 20 kg./44 lbs. 3950 ft.Blue/Yellow550 lbs.
Cotesi One20 kg./44 lbs.3300 ft.Green650 lbs.