Baler Twine & Net Wrap

VH net is a new development in the area of net wraps and is the result of modern technologies. In numerous trials runs VH Net has proven itself and can guarantee a minimal pulling strength of 260 kg. The weight of one roll is almost the same as a standard roll of net wrap.

Sizes are available in 48” & 51”.


Netting TypeRoll DiameterRoll LengthBales/Roll (2 Wraps)Bales/Roll (2.5 Wraps)Bales/Roll (3 Wraps)
VH Net 48" 2600 26 cm/10.2 in. 2,600m/8530 ft210167140
VH Net 48" 3600 29 cm/11.4 in. 3,600m/11,810 ft288230192
VH Net 51" 3000 27 cm/10.6 in. 3,000m/9,850ft240190160